What is TIBI BOX? 

TIBI BOX is a mirror system that includes combinations of different hygiene equipment, it can be manufactured and installed according to the customer's wishes and possibilities!

The mirror is equipped with LED lights and LED pictograms, making the use of the TIBI BOX easy and understandable.

According to the client’s wishes, 4TIBI offers:

  • touch-free faucet under (or behind) the mirror
  •   hidden soap dispenser behind the mirror
  •  hidden hand disinfect dispenser behind the mirror
  • hidden hand dryer or paper towel holder behind the mirror

What are the advantages of TIBI BOX? 

  •  The customer has the opportunity to order TIBI BOX in the colour, a sink and faucet of their choice
  •   TIBI BOX is a simple and modern Plug & Play solution
  •   The design of the TIBI BOX considers customer's design requirements - the unit fits into the overall interior, providing all the necessary functions.

 How TIBI BOX cares about safety?

  •   TIBI BOX is equipped with a touch-free technology (except for the paper towel feeder).

  •   When using TIBI BOX, the exchange of viruses between visitors to the room is reduced to a minimum, as the device does not have to be touched by hands.

  •   The TIBI BOX paper towel holder does not require a non-touch function, as the next sheet of paper towel is not touch by another person

  •    TIBI BOX provides security and protection!

How does TIBI BOX take care of our money and ecology?

The TIBI BOX touch-free solution is energy efficient because:

  •   electricity is consumed only at the time of use.    
  •   the mirror is equipped with a motion sensor, its light turns on when a person approaches it.

  •   the faucet will always turn off the water when the hands are washed, thus reducing water consumption, costs, and environmental impact.

  •   foam soap dispenser available in two volumes of 1l or 2500 feeds and 4l or 10,000 feeds. Save your time and money by choosing a larger volume!